Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

Muhammad Qasim’s first Divine dream was at the age of 4 or 5. It is important to note in Qasim’s childhood. He had an interest in helium filled balloons. I have loved releasing them and watching them go up in the sky. In this dream, I was in my house, and my older brother Javaid came from outside. I said the balloon man is here buy your balloon before he leaves. Otherwise you will start crying. I got money from my mom and went outside. I asked the Balloon Man for one balloon and he said “okay”. While filling the balloon he said “Qasim” did you know there are stairs on the roof of your house leading straight to the sky”? “I was very surprised and excited because I was always curious to know where my balloon goes in the sky. I ran to the roof of my house with so much excitement. I even forgot to take the balloon with me. When I got to the roof, I saw actual stairs. Exactly like the ones from the Mughal Empire. They were circular stairs made of red bricks leading to the sky. I became very happy when I saw the stairs. I started going up the stairs. And I went up high when I looked down. All the houses were tiny. seeing this. I got even more happy and went further up. I was even able to touch the clouds and I got very excited. Then I thought my mom might be looking for me. so I decided to go back down when I get tired. Then suddenly, I got this feeling that these stairs will lead straight to Allah. The Lord of the worlds. I felt the strange pulse of happiness surging through my body I ran up the stairs with full speed hoping to reach Allah. And the dream ends there.