Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[DEC 10, 2018]

Muhammad Qasim told, In this dream I am going towards a big ground where the land is barren and some people ask me where am I heading to? I tell them that I am going to that big ground and some of them also come with me to see that land. I tell the people that “one day by the mercy of Allah, this land will produce grains and fruits and some of them believe me”. Then I wait there but nothing happens and that land remains barren only. Then I said to myself in despair that this land is never going to produce anything and I turned my face away. Then Allah said from the sky, “When I intend to do something then it definitely happens” and then the clouds appear in the sky. Then something happens and some rain comes down. By the mercy of Allah small plants grow in that barren land that are similar to a fresh crop that grows out of the land. Those plants are quite small and then a wave comes and those plants grow bigger. When this happens those people who are standing there also watch this happening in front of them. Then more waves come and those plants grow even bigger. When around 4 to 5 waves come then those plants grow quite big and there are grains and fruits on them too. Whilst this is happening some of the people who are watching all this also believe in me that whatever Qasim has said is going to come true. Then another wave arrives and those plants or crops are ready meaning they have fruits on them and then they stand tall on the ground. People become very surprised that it really happened as I told them and that barren land has started producing grains and fruits now. Just when the last wave comes then the people open the doors of their cars and prepare to get out of their cars because they feel that the crop is going to be ready now. Then the people come out of their cars and those who are standing there they also run towards that field and start plucking the fruits. All of them become very happy. When I saw everything I also became surprised that how did all this happen? But during all this those plants remain laid down on the ground and it feels as if it is to prevent the people from entering that field before the crop is ready and to save it from getting damaged. And then after the last wave the crop or plants are completely ready. Among the people there are also those who initially believed in me but then changed their minds later on and they are also running towards that field to pluck the fruits and they are very regretful. End.