Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

Muhammad Qasim told, Allah SWT was on His Arsh. (throne) Allah SWT was teaching the Muslims about Pakistan. And then Allah did everything to teach the Pakistanis but they didn’t understand at all. Then Allah SWT directs himself to the Arabian Sea and says to the Pakistanis that “You are not the ones who understand”. I was seeing all this from a small cloud I was sitting on. I get worried upon seeing all this. Then I get down to make the people of Pakistan understand. When Allah SWT sees that Qasim is doing this work then Allah SWT starts to pay attention to me. 1.5 years later I saw the second part of this dream. I reached on earth and took a round about in Pakistan. Then Allah SWT puts a boundary around me so that nothing can harm me. Then I pray to Allah that “Oh Allah send your blessings to Pakistan and it’s people” Then the earth starts pouring out the blessings of Allah and its treasures. Dream ends.