Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[DEC, 2015]

In this dream Qasim says: I saw a huge room in which there was a giant paint board on the wall. And there where many different pairs of paints and brushes. And I saw three or four cows grazing on grass. Then suddenly Allah had ordered me to draw a painting exactly like the ones he had shown me in dreams. I started painting from one side and I was drawing exactly the way Allah wanted. Then I slowly started getting tired after I used up a lot of my strength. I ended up only painting half of the board. I told myself how I can’t draw anymore than this. I was so exhausted. I only completed half of the painting. But the other half was still remaining. In all hopelessness I left the painting. And started to walk to the other side of the room where there was a door. I took one final glance at the painting that I made. I said to myself that. I tried my best to obey Allah but I just couldn’t finish the task that he gave me. In that exact moment Allah ordered the cows to complete the remaining half of the painting. And to my amazement those cows picked up a brush in one of their front legs and started painting. I was confused. Thinking how did these cows become so intelligent. I ran towards them but they were painting so fast that they finished by the time I got there. And then they went back to eating grass. When I tried talking to them they didn’t respond the painting was so beautiful. Then it got famous throughout the entire world. People were praising me saying Qasim is a great artist. I said no rather all praise belongs to Allah. And he is the best of fashioners. And then Allah himself made a huge and magnificent painting. No one had ever made a painting like this before. And then Allah wrote my name on the corner. The people had no words for it except (Subhan Allah) glorified be Allah. The people thought I was an amazing painter. And the media was asking me where i got this idea from. I remained silent but in my heart I knew that Allah had made this painting. He wished to honor Me by giving me the credit. In that dream when I saw that painting even I had no words except Subhan Allah.