Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[OCT 5th 2017]

Qasim says: I saw this dream I was in some place surrounded by homes and buildings. I felt that Allah was right above us closer to us than the clouds. I felt that Allah was in a state of extreme anger. With a loud and terrifying voice. He started saying things like the ayahs (verses) of punishment from Quran. I felt that Allah gave some orders to these people to do something. And that these people did not obey those orders nor did they care about it. And Allah said “I will send the same punishment on you”. “Like I have sent to those before who did not obey my order”. Allah mentioned the punishment of the people of prophet Lut.(alleyhisalam/peace be with him) And said that “have you forgot this punishment of mine”. I said oh no Allah is very angry. I saw the people were running around frantically and attempted to hide themselves. But everywhere they hid Allah said. “I know where you’re hiding and no one can hide from me”. Then they started to run the other way and Allah said the same. After seeing this I also started running to hide myself. I said that this is not good. When Allah becomes angry then no one or nothing can stop him. That it’s better to stay away and find a safe place. Then I saw a few people running alongside me. I did not ask them why they were running with me. I saw some place far away and I said it looks good Then I sat in a corner with my back against the wall. The people who are with me sat next to me. This place looks very peaceful. I still heard Allah’s voice however it was very low. I said that this place Allah will not send his punishment here. Then I saw a few more big people arrived here they saw us sitting there. And said to each other That they are just sitting there in their peace This must mean that Allah will not send his punishment here. Then I started to wait and worry that when will Allah’s anger end. When it does I decided to leave from there. I thought that when I go back there will be nothing left.