Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[AUG 10, 2017]

Muhammad Qasim said, I don’t know where it started but i saw a little chaos. And some people tried to find ammo to fight others. I asked someone “why are you looking for ammo?”

He said “there is bad people coming and they will try to destroy our homes and kill us.” When i look around i find out what he is saying is the truth. Then i saw a place where there are some people present with ammo and they went another way. I go there and i saw some ammo then i saw a person and he started to collect it. He said “we need it to defend our selfs”. When he finished collecting ammo then he ran home. I also go behind him to see what he will do. When i go to his house some people came and started to attack his home. But he defends it and they run away. Then i go in another direction and i saw chaos has spread even more. People with ammo are running here and there. Then i saw a big and well known person also collecting ammo. I asked this well known person “why are you doing this?” He said “more enemies are coming here this situation will become more troubling, we have to save our selfs”. Then i went to another side and there i saw another well known person and he was also collecting ammo. I asked him “why are you collecting ammo”? He said the same, i was so upset that I said “what is going on here?” And “from where is this ammo coming from?” I saw that the ammo kept on coming and people kept collecting it to fight. Everyone was busy in collecting ammo but who is our enemy? Then i heard the news on TV that some important person got killed. And after it more chaos came. Then i said “now this chaos is going to spread throughout the entire country.”