Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[FEB, 2017]

In this dream Qasim saw that we are the final generation of people. And it was our turn to use a car to reach our destination. But to our disappointment. we found out that the previous generation had mistreated that car. Everything was completely rusted and almost destroyed. The seats were like garbage and the engines were completely busted up. The tires were flat. And the car wouldn’t start up at all. Then me and some people with me started to fix the car. In my dreams on February we fixed more and more parts. And me and those with me suffered a lot doing the hard work. For example, in one dream, we took out the engine together and replaced it. In another dream, we replace the body of the car. In one dream, we were able to start the engine while it was damaged badly we decided to go with it. But then we found out that the car had no brakes. Then we stopped the car and did a lot of work fixing it. In February 11th 2017, i saw Muhammad ﷺ walking around nearby. He looked extremely tired and worried this encouraged us to work even harder and faster. And finally, the car was good enough to drive but it went very slow. I went and told Muhammad ﷺ. That we got the car running however it won’t go very fast. Then Muhammad ﷺ became filled with pure happiness. When he came near, he said this was my old car and now we are able to drive it again. In the back of the car was me Muhammad ﷺ, one female and three other people. And in the front was a young driver. And I said we are heading towards our destiny with the mercy of Allah.