Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[OCT 2019]

Muhammad Qasim told, I saw a dream regarding the current situation in Pakistan, and I say in my heart that “Is this the time when some politicians try to spread chaos in the country and the Army Chief stops them from doing so, and reprimands them saying “the situation in the country is already bad, you people will worsen the situation by doing this sit-in protest.” and those people do not listen to him. I had seen all this in a dream before a while ago… Afterwards, I say “right now is Imran Khan’s government and HE IS a patriot, how did HE get involved in this chaos”? Then I saw that the government and it’s supporters make a statement against the protesters and threatened to stop those people. Then I said that the government itself is provoking them towards this outrage, and Imran Khan will also become part of this outrage. THESE PEOPLE WOULD LEAVE AFTER PROTESTING AND THERE WOULDN’T BE ANY HARM OR DAMAGE DONE, however the actions taken by the government COULD GAIN SYMPATHIES OF GENERAL PUBLIC FOR THE PROTESTORS and it could worsen the situation. Therefore Imran Khan should PREVENT THIS CHAOS FROM SPREADING, he is the Prime Minister of the country and he should act sensibly and take reasonable steps to minimize the chaos and not maximize it.