Many years ago the messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said to his companions, “Between time of the creation of Adam and the Resurrection Day, there is nothing greater than the mischief of Dajjal (the Antichrist).”
In my dreams I have seen many things pertaining to the false messiah, and today I’m going to combine them to present a comprehensive narrative of what I have witnessed regarding MASIH AD-DAJJAL.

Dajjal’s height is about 6 feet and 1 or 2 inches, he has a cruel face with dark brown skin, he is clean shaved, and bears a mole on his check. Dajjal has slight curly dark hair, and he bears close resemblance to a typical south Asian or middle eastern man. Dajjal has a muscular built and when I saw him I didn’t see any of his eyes bulging out rather they were normal. I don’t know if he is blind in one of his eyes, however he does have the ability to shapeshift, therefore he can take on any appearance he desires and uses this ability to appear in a pleasant form and seduce the masses.

When Dajjal walks, he strides with a lot of pride and it feels like no one can approach or stand Infront of him, even those who may seem to have unshakable resolve will fall victim to his deception. In my dreams, I have herd Ibless address Dajjal as “my rich war lord”. According to what I’ve seen, Dajjal is frequently triggering and conspiring pandemonium (fitna) in the middle east. Bear in mind, he hasn’t reached his full potential yet, so for the most part I have seen him constructing some black-magical harnessing plants, which he uses to fuel his powers. In one particular dream I’ve seen him performing bizarre rituals through the use of skulls which he used to gather magical power, and collect them in a fuel tank which acted as a repository, similar to what you see sorcerers and magicians do.

In one dream, I have herd Dajjal say “very soon my power will increase, and I will acquire some new powers. I will implement my fear across the entire world and the whole world will either submit to me…otherwise I will kill them” Perhaps this is symbolic for something ominous…Allah knows better. To me it seems that dajjal is waiting to gather enough power until he is ready to make an appearance to the world, and he gains this power by establishing magic-harnessing plants. I’m not sure if the construction of the 3rd temple is a part of his ritual to obtain more powers, Allah knows best.

After the great malhama (WW3) , the noor of allah is filled throughout the earth and the muslim ummah implements peace and justice upon the entire world, and this peace lasts close to a decade [for 9 years]. During this peaceful reign the Muslim army builds heavy, high tech weaponry and technology to prepare for the war against dajjal. While the ummah prepares for this trial, a few disbelievers await the arrival of the Dajjal, most of them being from the yahood (disbelievers).

When Dajjal emerges in public, he is able to quickly subdue the entire world which causes the believers to become fretful of him. Dajjal claims that he is a God and is easily able to appeal to the masses and support his claims through the use of his diabolical powers. Dajjal fools many people and those with weak faith start joining him very quickly.

Many people have questioned me about whether or not dajjal will use technology or jinns to perform his deceptive miracles. From what I have seen, Dajjal will be able to perform his supernatural feats through the use of black magic…It is only by Allah’s decree that he is able to have such powers and he is indefinitely the greatest trial for mankind. In my dreams I was informed that the supernatural feats which we watch in movies & television would easily be performed by dajjal.
*Such as running in the air, shapeshifting, mind manipulation, weather control, power over the elements, and so on. These are just examples Allah knows best.

Dajjal promises the people a paradise on earth, to the men he promises women, wealth, property and what ever their hearts desire, to the women dajjal promises to beautify their appearance, make them more attractive, and grant them anything they desire. Due to this, billions of people join him in a matter of days.

The Islamic forces advance to confront dajjal, and engage him and his army of followers, however our efforts seemed to be of no avail, and our heavy missiles were like firecrackers in front of dajjal. Dajjal and his armies are easily able to repel our attacks, I go to confront Dajjal, and he persuades me to join him and promises me eternal life and a high status. I renounce/rebuke him saying “What will happen by that? we are all going to die someday and nothing except Allah can live forever, you will fail in your endeavors and you too shall die one day. The Lord of you and I is one, Allah..the lord of all the worlds (of the worlds)”. Upon hearing this Dajjal becomes infuriated (irritated/aggitated) and changes his appearance into a very terrifying form, which causes my body to shake and I couldn’t muster up the courage to say anything. Dajjal then exclaims that-

“If I don’t pledge allegiance with him then he will kill me and tells me to go home and contemplate about my final decision”.
Qasim, If you don’t pledge your allegiance to me, I will kill you…go home and contemplate about your final decision

After this encounter, I leave from Dajjal’s presence and go back home. I approach the Muslims, and warn them that “If anyone confronts Dajjal, there is a 99.9% chance that they will join him, Dajjal is indeed a great trial and only those who Allah has bestowed his special mercy upon can save themselves from this trial”

I instruct them that “O Muslims, If we love Allah and Muhammad S.A.W it is better for us to die as Muslims than to pledge allegiance with Dajjal, come let us die as shaheed in the path of Allah while fighting Dajjal”
The Muslims agree with me, and the believers gather to wage war against Dajjal and his (group) millah of disbelievers.

And with that the war between truth and falsehood begins. I engage Dajjal with the Noor of Allah on my index finger, and attack him to divert his attention so that he doesn’t use his powers on the Muslim army.
I keep engaging Dajjal so that the Muslims could inflict as much damage to Dajjal’s armies. Due to Allah’s Noor I was able to fight with Dajjal for quite some time…however, Dajjal was extremely powerful

In the midst of battle, the Noor of Allah suddenly disappears from my index finger and then I say to myself that Qasim, its best to fall back from here, I start evading Dajjal and try to run away, and then by the mercy of Allah I begin to run in the air and Dajjal comes after me by flying and he exclaims “Qasim, I will not let you live today!”. I manage to traverse into a mountain terrain, Dajjal follows me there and continues his onslaught.

Dajjal strikes my back and injures me, I lose my balance and fall down. A large stone next to me opens up and says “Qasim hide yourself inside me, I will save you from Dajjal”. I refuse the offer, at that moment Dajjal approaches me while uttering “Qasim get ready to die”.

I then beseech Allah praying ” Ya Allah, help me!” and then the word “ALLAH” descends from the sky, and then Allah causes the lightning to strike at the side of a mountain. The mountain darkens in color and it shatters into many pieces, subsequently causing a frightening sound to arise. Upon hearing this Dajjal immediately faints, and falls down.

When Dajjal regains consciousness, he doesn’t remember the incident that had just occurred, and believes that he has killed me. Dajjal goes back and gloats to the Muslims that he has killed me. Upon hearing this news the Muslim army becomes disheartened and demoralized, and with that Dajjal starts his mission without any resistance,…..and one by one the Muslims fall.

Then Allah heals my wounds and tells me that “Qasim, Dajjal has only fainted for four hours, and he will wake up after that. Allah says to me that Qasim run away from here and hide elsewhere, afterwards I will tell you what to do next, and don’t come in front of Dajjal as long as I don’t allow you (say, for as long as I command)”. I say ” as you command my lord”, and I express my gratitude to Allah for saving me from Dajjal and then I journey to another location and hide myself.

…The wars with Dajjal cost the lives of hundreds of millions of people, most of them being Muslims. Dajjal advocates a lifestyle, filled with facade, illicit acts, debauchery, adultery and basically a false “kingdom of heaven on earth” for his followers, and this fitnah continues for 4-5 weeks, until the descent of the son of mariyum isa alisalam.

In my dreams, I have seen our noble prophet Isa alaisalam descending from the sky, he appears to have wet black hair, and he resembles a middle eastern person, and me and the few believers who remain start to live with Isa alaisalam, after Allah delivers the believers from the wrath of Yajuj wa Majuj.
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