Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[MARCH 2015]

Muhammad Qasim saw In this dream. I was in my old home and everything was broken and there was no lights. I said maybe it’s written in my destiny to live in this darkness forever. But then Allah appeared on his throne and said “Qasim”. “For how long will you keep on living in this Darkness”? “Come out of your home and search for the place of my mercy and blessings”. “A Place With No darkness and sadness”. I immediately left my house in happiness thinking how kind is Allah that he came to take me out of this darkness. I traveled a small distance until I saw 8 or 10 hungry big size lions roaring. I ran back to my house frightened and slammed the door behind me. I complain to Allah and he said believe me none of them can touch you. I looked outside of the window searching for lions. 3 terrifying dogs appeared running towards the window barking ferociously. I fell back on my rear as the dogs approached. Those dogs struck the metal barrier on the window and fell unconscious. I sat down on the corner of the wall complaining to Allah. By doubting his previous statement. Allah became angry and struck those dogs with lightning and they died right there. Allah said “Qasim, either you obey my command or live in this darkness forever”. “And trust me, I will protect you and make you reach your destiny”. “And Qasim, I am all-powerful in what I do”. Allah went away and I kept laying there thinking about what I should do. Then I thought no matter what I do, death will still reach me. It’s better I die outside and then die in this darkness. And Allah promised me protection and success. So I should put my trust in Allah. So I took Allahs name and left the house in fear and terror. I even left the door open so I can easily run back. I slowly went forth in extreme caution at first.

I didn’t see any of the Lions. Then ahead I saw the detached arm of a lion. I thought who could possibly kill such a scary lion. Further down, I saw a lion’s head. Than a couple of lions bodies. I felt at ease realizing Allah is making a way from me. Then I started searching for Allah wondering what to do next. I saw a huge building and I climbed its roof to search for Allah. I saw the Nur (light) of Allah going somewhere and I ran after it. When I reach the Nur, it disappeared. The Nur of Allah was so captivating that i came to realize that I was on the ground. I became shocked thinking why didn’t I fall? I realized indeed, Allah was holding me the entire time. I felt very excited and I called out to Allah saying “where are you”? Then Allah said the name of my destination and said Qasim, I am here, come quickly. With energy, I looked at that area thinking I have to get to him. Then I saw a large, black colored, luxury motorcycle. I drove it but the road was filled with mud which slowed me down. I wish the road was good so I could drive it fast. When I said this, a black-colored carpet road came out of the earth and spread forth. I became happy and drove my bike at full speed, reaching my destination. It was a huge beautiful luxurious building. I ran inside with excitement. The environment was calm and soothing and it was very peaceful. Its color and form was a bit faded making a very attractive appearance. Almost as if someone had freshly painted the building. And it felt like Allah was going to establish the building again and make it new. I went from one room to another and then reached a large hall. And in that Hall was the Nur of Allah. Allah said Qasim did I not tell you that I would bring you here safely? I said to Allah that “you made your statement come true and you showed me the way”. “You took me out of darkness and you brought me to light”.

“Indeed, you are the best guider”. “Now I will finish up the rest of my work by tomorrow morning”. “Then I will inform you about my completion”. Allah replied in a serious tone saying “Qasim, if you complete all your work by tomorrow then I will establish Qiyama (day of judgement) in the evening”.