Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum


Muhammad Qasim say, I was in my home in a room I took a shower and wore new clothes. My home was very old, damaged and rusty and I was thinking about my dreams. That “how many of my dreams came true?” And “where am I according to my dreams”. Then I think about it I said “my dreams related to people I meet came true so far”. And these people are better then me they can do hard work and I am not able to do fast and hard work due to my weakness. If my weakness can go away I would do work like they are doing. Then I said any way, lets go, maybe more dreams will come true soon. Then I went out from the room and went to the road in front of my home and I was watching the scenery. Then I saw our old car coming and that car stopped right in front of me. And 2 young boys came out, one is elder in age an the other one is younger. When I saw the car and boys I said “oh this is our old car, yes we got to fix it and now its able to run again by the help of Allah”. And now young and hard working people are driving this car, The elder boy talked to the younger boy that ‘’we got to decorate things for this car.’’ ‘’This car will look more good.’’ The youngest one said “yes the guy will come soon to decorate this car”. They unload decorations from the car and put them in the garage. During this I did not talk to them. I was just looking at them thinking “what are they doing? Then they went to the same home from where I came from. Then i said “yes we are again joining at one place, we were living at different places. Now we are gathering in our old home and soon more people will come to know us and they will join us soon. Then I go inside the home to see what they are doing inside the home. I saw about 4 to 5 people including these young boys, they were planing something saying “we have to do more good work”. I look at them and I said let them make plans and don’t disturb them. During all this I did not talk to any one and then again I went outside. When I go to the garage again I saw a man who arranged the decorations. When I saw him I said “I saw him before some where but I don’t remember him” So I ask him, “who are you?” and what are you doing here?” I didn’t tell him that I saw him before. He said “I am a man who is decorating the cars and I came here because someone asked me to decorate their car.” I said “yes I saw young boys talking about you”. Then I asked “are you good with it, I mean are you a professional?” He said “I already decorated many cars before, the cars you are seeing on the roads, I decorated them all, so don’t worry I will decorate your car in a professional way” Then I start working with him so there is not a single mistake left by decorating the car because when the other people see our car they should feel good by seeing our car. There was a box and in it there was colors and a brush they were beautiful colors and brushes. I never saw these type of colors before on any other cars. Then I see some colors and brushes were missing in the box, I ask him “why are they missing and where are they?” He said “this is all the decorations I have and these boys took them all and he said leave them” Then I said “wait let me find it from the other decorations maybe they are in other places”. Then I look at all the decorations and I say to Allah “help me find them”. And then I find 3 to 4 colors and I give it to him and he said ‘’nice you found some colors.’’ Then i said ‘’about 4 colors are still missing and the car will not be decorated properly.’’ Then he said “i will decorate it so no one will notice it”. Then he starts decorating the car, and he said “when its ready people will ask about you how did you do this we never saw a decorated car before like this.” And dream ended there.