Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

All of my dreams are very clear. As if they were actually happening in real life. Then I would wake up and realize that it was all just a beautiful dream. Whenever I would see a dream with Allah ﷻ and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. I wish I can see dreams like that all the time. The colors which I have seen in dreams I have never seen in real life. I would rate a 10 out of 10. Shaytaan (satan) can never imitate the grandeur and majesty of Allah ﷻ. Nor the image of his Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Allah ﷻ the almighty is the one who often appears in my dreams. I have never seen Allah ﷻ with my eyes in my dreams. I just feel that Allah ﷻ is on the supreme throne.

(Arshalazeen) I would hear his voice from behind a veil. The voice would sometimes descend from beyond the sky. Or I would be seeing incredible light (Nur) Sometimes a magnificent voice would come from the incredible Nur. Whenever I see the Nur of Allah ﷻ my eyes get frozen.

It is just impossible to describe it. I do not mean to say that this Nur is Allah ﷻ but rather. The Nur of Allah ﷻ is a magnificent version of Nur which Allah created. Allah ﷻ is far beyond everything to be classified as a Nur. And he is the creator of Nur. The voice of Allah ﷻ is also very unbelievable. It’s filled with so much mercy and purity that is far beyond describable in words. Allah’s ﷻ voice in my dreams is far exalted beyond any human being. The voice has no weakness of running out of breath while talking. In every dream I feel that Allah ﷻ is nearer to me then the front part of my brain and my jugular vein. Allah ﷻ has never ever talked to me loudly. Nor has he ever raised his voice in anger or talked to me in an angry way. Allah ﷻ always talks to me very softly and peacefully. Even though I make countless sins everyday. Allah ﷻ and Muhammad ﷺ never ever force me to follow their teachings. That’s why I love Allah ﷻ and Muhammad ﷺ more than everything. Allah ﷻ and Muhammad ﷺ talk to me in Urdu language.

That is my main language. I testified that there is no God except Allah ﷻ. And Muhammad ﷺ is his final prophet and messenger. And that I am just another person in the nation (ummah) of prophet Muhammad. ﷺ I bear witness that Allah’s ﷻ curse is upon the liar.