Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim.

As’Salamu Alaikum.

Muhammad Qasim has met the Real Prophet of Allah ﷺ over 300 times. I cannot tell you how the face of Muhammad ﷺ looks like. Because when I get closer to him, my head lowers out of respect. And so does my gaze like we do in prayer. Another reason is his face is always emanating with light which makes it difficult to understand his facial features. The height of Muhammad ﷺ is about 5 feet and 11 inches. He has an extremely handsome body, he walks on the earth very nicely and smoothly. And covers his head with a cloth.

And white Nur (light) comes out of the body of Muhammad ﷺ. My whole body witnesses that this is the Prophet ﷺ of Allah. And when I greet him with a hand shake, my hands testified that this is hands of Rasululah ﷺ. And when I hug him, my body testifies that this is the warm body of Rasululah ﷺ. And I get these really happy and excited feelings. He talks very softly and politely. He shows the most deepest affections and has the most unexplainable love. As if he had just met his long-lost son. He makes Du’a (supplication) for his ummah (nation) and cries for them like no one ever has cried before. He would keep saying “my ummah…”!

He is deeply grieved over his ummah and he keeps making du’a for the astray. I cannot use words for such grief, if you knew you would not stop crying if you ever thought about it. One example is he would walk all around, back and forth just worried. And he would have so much hope, energy and enthusiasm when he would ever suggest anything to me. There was one instance in a dream, that I will share in another video. Where I looked into his eyes that were filled with tears at the time. And I was dazzled, and I could not look away. It was as if Allah had filled his eyes with his Nur.