Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[SEP 29, 2018]

Muhammad Qasim Say, In this dream I am sitting in a room with a few other people. I narrate a dream of mine to them and then I ask them for its interpretation but they do not tell me the correct interpretation of that dream. In that dream, I leave the house around 11:00 am in the morning. The intensity of the sunlight is very high but I have to reach a place under any circumstance. Muslims also see me on my way but a lot of them simply ignore me and very few people join me and then the afternoon comes, then evening and then the night falls. At night time, we reach a house and then after a long and dark night a new morning begins. Upon hearing this dream they say that what can be the meaning of this dream. They tell me the interpretation of the dream but I am not satisfied with it. Then one person mentions another dream of mine and tells me the interpretation of it but I said to him there are many dreams but we can not be sure about their interpretation. Then I leave from there and I see that one person is drawing something on a wall. When he sees me he calls me towards himself and draws a painting on a wall to demonstrate the interpretation of the dreams. He explains the interpretation of my dream and the other dreams by his drawings on the wall. When I see his painting on the wall I said to myself that his painting is quite good and he has put a lot of hard work in it. I listen to all his explanation however I am still not satisfied and keep thinking what can be the interpretation of my dream. After talking to that person for some time I leave from there. When I come back into the room then people are discussing among themselves that what happened to the other dreams that Qasim has shared? When will they become true? Those people are quite worried about the dreams – one person says that “we should ask that particular person about these dreams as he might be able to explain their interpretation and also tell us when they will become true”. Just after I listen to their interpretations then suddenly I find out about the interpretation of the dreams as if Allah has enlightened my heart with their interpretation. And I say to them that listen to me carefully, I will tell you the interpretation of this dream: When I leave the house in the morning at 11am, this is the time when Allah and Muhammad SAW order me to share my dreams. The intensity of the sunlight means that this work is not easy, even though the Muslims read my dreams but most of them do not believe in them. I keep on walking and some other people keep joining me and by the help of Allah at the night time we eventually reach the house in which we are present in now. This means that the dreams which were important to share we have shared them all and we have also shared them with the big people.

The day time in the dream symbolizes the time when the Muslims could have united if they wanted to, and at that time the circumstance were not too bad for the Muslims. The sunlight was intense meaning despite the rough and hard circumstances the Muslims could have united meaning they could have planned according to the dreams. But then the afternoon came, then evening and eventually the night-fell meaning that not only that Allah has warned the Muslims about what is going to happen but well before time as well so that they can prepare themselves.

But the Muslims have wasted the time and did nothing, now it’s the night time meaning the time for unity is gone and the Muslims have been surrounded from every direction. Now the Muslims will not be able to see and decide that which direction they should go into and how to get out of this darkness. No matter what planning the Muslims do to come out of the darkness it will be unsuccessful and the evil forces will kill them and they will not be able to do anything and they will keep getting persecuted and oppressed. Look at the world around you today you will find that Muslims are being oppressed more and they will stay in the darkness. When the Muslims will be oppressed then after that the time will come when Allah will order me that “Qasim! Go and turn the darkness of this world into light with My permission and help”. Then with the help of Allah I will end the darkness from this world and the world will become so bright that neither will there be the intensity of the sunlight nor of the cold; meaning there will be peace everywhere. This is the interpretation of my dream. Upon hearing my interpretation those people become very happy that we are very close whereas we were thinking otherwise. End.