Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

Muhammad Qasim says: In this dream me and my brother are going somewhere. It feels as if Allah SWT is also watching us and observing us. Then on the way we saw a blast. I said to my brother that stop here we should help these people. Me and my brother stop and it is such a scene that I become very worried and I said that we should go from here I am feeling sick. Here Allah SWT doesn’t like this act and He doesn’t pay attention to us. And I become worried and said that “If it happens to get worse I would have vomited.” Then i said that “If this happens again then I will help the people.” And Allah likes my repentance. Then we come back home but its dark there. I said that “Till when will we remain in darkness?” Then I said “It would be so good if I find a way out of this darkness”. Then some people said that “There is a carpet that flies and goes high up.” Then I ask some people “How to get in?” Then there is a fence and a path. And there is a room and inside there is the carpet. Those people charge 25,000 rupees for the ride. Then when I count the money its enough. And I said “Allah must have given me this money”. Then I talk to the people at the gate and they ask for 25,000. And there are people who have already tried it and they said that “We have already used the carpet and it doesn’t fly and these people are deceiving everyone that it flies.” Then I thought that instead of doing nothing i should try it. Then people saw me and said that “Another man is going to waste his money.” Then I go inside the fence and when I go inside the room then there I saw the carpet. I said “Its the same carpet that I gave to Muhammad SAW and he offered prayer.” And then I said that “This carpet will definitely fly.” Then I sit on that carpet and it really flies. When I fly high then the fence also breaks up and the carpet starts flying. And the same people who are doing this business say that “We could never make it fly and this man has sat on it and made it fly!” They were running after me and before they got to me they said that “If we knew we would have stopped him here.” Then I said that “The carpet will go to Allah SWT.” Then I reach Allah SWT and when i get there Allah SWT says. “Qasim mubarak to you that you have got here, You sit down and do Tasbih here and those people can’t get to you.” Dream ends.