Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[NOV 30, 2017]

Muhammad Qasim saw a dream: I saw that I was in my city, And the conditions weren’t good in the city. There was chaos, and restlessness among the people. Every single person was trapped in some problem. And the powerful people only cared about themselves. I was seeing it all from the roof of my house and I said that. “Is this the state in which we are to live”? I was still watching then Allah said from the sky that. “Qasim go out, there is a peaceful place where there are my Blessings and Mercy” “Search for it, there is every kind of peace there”. I became very happy that Allah has shown me the way. I get out of the house, and I start searching for that place, but I could not find it. I met a few people and I told them that there is some peaceful place here and we have to search for it. I could not find a way to get out of the city so that I could get out and find that place. I went to some big people too and told them. But they did not believe me and they said. “There is no such place here don’t waste your time for no reason”. Then eventually I reached a place where there was a huge building. And I said that I should get on the roof of this building and try to find that place. I got on it’s roof and looked from there. But I only saw my own city and did not find any other place. Then I said that “Qasim this is the same building which I often use to see in my dreams”. That I went to that huge building and jumped from there. And Allah held me with his Mercy and then I start running in the air. I said that “If I want to find that place then I will have to jump”. I prepared myself to make the jump. And came running from the back and made the jump. And instead of falling down I started to run in the air. And I said that “Allah has really held me”. I ran very fast and very far away in the air. I even went outside the city but I could only find abandoned areas outside the city. I kept on running but I could not find any place which was peaceful and had the Mercy of Allah. I became tired and disappointed. Then I went back to my home and kept on thinking that how I struggled so much but still couldn’t find anything. And neither did some big man believe me otherwise we could have found that place. Then I said that perhaps the people were right. That there is no such place here, don’t waste your time. I was busy in my work when Allah again told me that “Qasim go out and find that place”. “And keep on running until you find that place”. “And do not despair in the Mercy of Allah”. Upon listening to Allah I said that I have tried every way before too. Neither did a big person believed me nor could I find that place. Doing that work again is useless. Then I said that “instead of living in this darkness its better to search for that place”. Perhaps I may find it, then I got out and reached that building. And looked around thinking that where should I go. Then I said that “I should first go as high as I can and from there I should look for that place”. I made the jump again and went as high in the air as I could. I looked in all directions but couldn’t find that place. I said that “I cant find that place” Then I said that now that Im so high. I should at least try. Then I said that first I went North, this time I should go East. Then I came down a bit and faced East and started running in that direction. Those big people who did not believe me also see me running. When I was about to get out of the city then there was some turbulence in the air. And I became a little slow there but Allah took me out of there very nicely. The abandoned areas started and I kept on running very fast. And I did not stop but after going very far away I became irritated. And said that “Im not going to find that place”. But then I said that Allah said that keep on running until you find that place. I kept on running and suddenly I started seeing some greenery. And when I got near it then I said that “this is the place which I was trying to find”. “Finally I have found that place”. Allah told the truth, that place was very peaceful, it was full of greenery. I became very happy on finding that place. Then I said that I should go here with full preparation. This is a new place and it’s also peaceful and perhaps I may not go to my old house again. Then I turned back and set up some markers so I won’t have any trouble in finding it again. Upon reaching back I packed my luggage and then got out to go to that place. But on the way I met two people whom I had met before and they believed me too. And those people were finding that place too. I told them the whole story and said that I have found that place and they became very happy. And said that take us along with you too. I said sure, you two hold me and when I run in the air with the Mercy of Allah. Then you will also be able to run with me and you won’t fall down. Then we went out to that place. we went just a bit far when the hand of one man slipped and started to fall down. But I grabbed him. I said that this is dangerous we should make a flying machine so that no one falls down. Then I made a flying machine with the Mercy of Allah and we sat easily in that. When we started to fly then some other people called me after seeing me that take us along with you too. When I came down again then these were those people who met me the first time. I told them everything too, and they became very happy, and they said take us along with you too. I said sure, then I increased the size of that flying machine. And it became like a very huge car type flying machine. And we all sat in it, i looked at them all and said. “If there is any person missing from them who met me for the first time?”. “And those who helped me too?”. When I was satisfied. Then I don’t know why I became lazy. And started thinking that the travel is long and once we go then we won’t be able to come back. Then I said that Allah has done everything. Now I just have to fly the machine and direct it to that place. Then Allah will make this machine reach that place. And besides what are we going to do by living in this darkness. I look at my home and then I sit in the machine and start flying it towards that place. And the dream ended there.