Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[FEB 09, 2018]

Muhammad Qasim told, In this dream, I was passing through a place. On my way, I look at the ground with some grass grown on it. I felt that in this land, gold, gems and other precious metals are present. When I dig the earth, I find a stone like object. When I remove the dirt from it, I find that it is gold. I become very happy and keep on digging the earth and find gold, gems and other precious metals. I become very happy and say that I will make a machine just as I saw in the dreams by the help of Allah (ﷻ). I put everything in a bag and pick it up and move forward. Now, I start to search for a place where I could melt this gold and other metals and make the machine. I keep on walking and then I see a building to my right. I say “I may find some iron furnace in there. From which I will be able to make the machine”. When I enter the building, I feel that it is under the control of some satanic forces. I become scared on this thought. And say “If someone sees me, they will capture me”. But I have to go inside the building and do not have any other option. I say “When Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ migrated from Mecca. The non-believers had sieged the area. But he recited a few verses from the Quran. Due to which the non-believers could not see him. Therefore, I should do the same thing”. I try to remember but cannot recall the words, which Muhammad ﷺ recited. (36:9) The light in the building was very low. Due to which the visibility was just a few feet. I pronounce the name of Allah ﷻ. And start to move forward while reciting Surah-e-Ikhlas. The satanic forces could not see me. In the building I was walking on a straight path. which was very long and I was carrying a lot of weight also. I get tired but I do not give up and keep on walking continuously. It is a big building, which is very deep from inside. I am continuously in fear with impression that the satanic forces are present there. After reaching a point, I feel that I have got out of the reach of the satanic forces. I get very tired and then I see a place to my left side. When I go there, I see an iron furnace. some templates and an iron table. Hence, all the materials that I required were present there. I say “Yes! This is what I was searching for”. I place my things there and after taking some rest I start to look at the iron furnace. I face a lot of difficulty due to the darkness. When I look at the iron furnace, I see that fire is not burning in it. It seemed that the furnace was not used for many years. Coals were present in it too. Suddenly, I realize that there is nothing there to light the fire on coals. I say “If I knew this before, I at least would have carried a matchstick with me”. I become very tired and say that this is a difficult job. I thought that it would be easy. I search for something to light a fire in the dark. At last, I find some oil and stones. I pour the oil on coals and start to rub the stones so that somehow they would catch fire but they do not. My hands already get tired because of picking all of the heavy load. During all this, the stone in my left hand falls down. I get up in anger and say that I cannot do this work anymore. I am very tired and still a lot of work is left. For now, I cannot even light a fire and even if I do. Melting the gold and metals and making the machine is a difficult job. In my frustration, I throw the second stone on the coals too. It hits the first stone, which cause a big spark and the coals catch fire. But I still say “I do not want to do this work anymore. I did everything that I could. Then I give a glance at the path of return with desperation. And say “I wish I had not ever started this work. Now how can I go back on this long way. Which is dangerous too?” Then, I look at the other side and say “I should move forward and check”. “Maybe there is some way to get out of here”. I just take couple of steps, I hear the footsteps of some people walking towards me. When I look to my right, I see a few people. I stop after looking at them and say “Who are these people?” When I look closely, I see that they are wearing black clothes. With turbans on their heads. They stop near that iron furnace and take out the gold and gems from the bag and place them at one side. Then they increase the fire in furnace and start to melt the gold. I become surprise and say “What are they doing; these are my things”. But then I say “Why should I care? I am not going to do this work”. I could not see clearly because of the dark. Those people make something from the melted gold. One man puts two things made from gold on the table and then starts working again. That gold was shining highly in the dark. I say “What have these people made?” When I go near, I find two golden gears with gems embedded on their surface. Upon seeing them, I became very surprised and happy and say. “These are exactly like the gears that I wanted to make”. When I examine carefully, I find them nicely made but still there is some room for improvement. Firstly, I thought that I should tell these people to improve the gears. But then I stop and say “Whatever has been made in this darkness is enough. I should not bother them, for Allah (ﷻ) has made my work easy. Once they have made all these parts, I will make the machine.” Whilst looking at the gears, I hear the sound of someone’s footsteps. I turn back to have a look and see that Muhammad (ﷺ) is coming towards me. I become happy to see him. From the walking style of Muhammad (ﷺ). I realize that he has become very weak and that made me sad. I greet him and he greets me back. I say “Look! “These people have made these gears with such a hard work”. “How they are shining and the gems on them are shining too.” Muhammad ﷺ become very happy on seeing them and says. “These people are working very hard and doing good work. Allah ﷻ will give them a big reward.” Then, I say “Could you hold them and check their quality”. Muhammad ﷺ says “I have become very weak and the muscles of my right arm are weak too”. “These gears are quite heavy and I cannot pick them up”. I say “Do not worry; soon when all the parts are made”. “I will make a machine and will be capable of fixing your arm”. “Your arm will become normal again and you will get energy in your body too”. “And you will work like you used to work before”. Upon hearing this Muhammad ﷺ became very happy and he said in excitement. “Qasim! May Allah ﷻ grant you with more knowledge”. The dream ends.