Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[FEB 2019]

Muhammad Qasim told, I was living a useless life a life of darkness. Then I saw a company who isn’t interested in hiring anyone. I think to myself that the owner of this company is a good man, I should talk to him. I go and talk to him and tell him that “I’m living a life of darkness if you give me a chance I may come out of this life of darkness.” The owner doesn’t give me much attention but says that I can only give you a chance, if you don’t do well I won’t be able to help you. He gives me a chance and then I start my work, I try my best to do well. Then slowly my progress starts getting better. Slowly the owner starts getting happy with my work and thinks that I was doing good and it was according to his expectations as well. Then the owner starts telling other people about my work that Qasim is doing good. Then he becomes so happy that he starts keeping an eye on me via cameras. He is so happy with me that once he was attending a high-profile meeting and I called in the middle of it. He starts listening to me with full attention and ignores the people in the meeting. The other attendees also feel that the owner is paying much attention to Qasim and ignoring us. I mean the owner becomes extremely happy. The dream ends.