Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[AUG 25, 2018]

Muhammad Qasim says, In this dream I find myself in a huge area of land. There are other people around there too as if they are patrolling the area. The land is very big and everything seems to be fine. Suddenly something happens and the land sinks very deep similar to the depth of a river and a lot of people get affected by this incident. Upon seeing this I became shocked and said what has happened here? Everything was fine then how did all this land sink? People wait for some time thinking that it might get fixed but nothing improves. I said to myself I will go and see what is Imran Khan doing at this moment in time? Then I head towards the place where Imran Khan is present and I see that he is going somewhere along with some other people. Imran Khan is upset and he is walking in anger as I have seen him in my dreams. He expresses grief on the situation and complains about some people that “Why are these people not letting us do the work?” “This incident that just happened, how is all of this going to be fixed?”