Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Assalamu Alaikum

February 2020

Muhammad Qasim said, I dream that I go to a house, where there are a lot of people moving around. In the hall where I am, the door of one of the rooms suddenly opens. There I see a person get sick. And people gather around him. Then I go to see and say May Allah have mercy on this person whose health is bad. The door is open and there are some employees. Then I look carefully and Imran Khan is lying on the bed. His condition is as if his blood pressure is high. And he can’t even walk. There are doctors and employees around. At the same time, the army chiefs was there in a state of worry.

When I see this, I say that this is Imran Khan, I thought someone else would. Then I walk from this hall to the kitchen. Meanwhile someone grabs me a plate and tells me to take it to the kitchen so I say why is he giving it to me. Anyway, I take this plate and see that the custard is made. Then. When I go to the kitchen, I see Imran Khan sitting at the table. So I say that Imran Khan had a problem in walking so how he came here before me. Ignoring him, there is a woman in the kitchen and I give her the plate.

She takes the plate from me and starts adding something to it. Meanwhile Imran Khan starts asking me a question. But I don’t understand and I keep quiet. So that woman says that Imran Khan has asked you something. Then I ask Imran Khan what did you say? I do not understand you. Then he repeats and I understand.

In such a short time, that woman puts something more in the same custard. And she asks me to give this plate to Imran Khan. I say why did she ask me to give this plate to Imran Khan. Anyway, I give it to Imran Khan, then Imran Khan is very happy to see me and wants to talk to me, but I do not pay much attention. Then he start eating and that dream ends there.