Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Assalamu alaikum


Muhammad Qasim says that in this dream, I am on the roof of my house and it is evening time. Planes are flying in the sky. Suddenly I see a big plane passing through the land of Pakistan. And a small plane is flying under it. Then I realize that there are some hackers who are trying to destroy the system of this plane and they blast the plane. There is a loud explosion in the plane and the little plane below it tries to save itself and I say how can this little plane survive but it saves itself. And as soon as the big plane crashes on the ground, people start shouting that it has crashed on the land of Pakistan, so the responsibility goes to the Imran Khan’s government because it happened in the presence of Imran Khan. I see that Imran Khan comes on TV and agrees with this and says because this blast happened while I was there so I resign and then Imran Khan’s supporters get upset and in the country a state of chaos ensues. Jajakallahu Khairan.