Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[FEB 10, 2014]

Muhammad Qasim saw himself completing a very long and tiresome journey. And then I reached a place where I saw tall buildings. I climbed a roof and said to myself that this is where I am supposed to run off the edge. Then after that I will be running through the air with the mercy of Allah. So I looked all around to see if everything was clear. But when I look towards the sky. I found out that some forces had spread a net to prevent anyone from flying. This really discouraged me I thought to myself that what should I do now. If I run off the edge of this building then I won’t be able to fly. I will probably fall down due to the net above. Then I told myself that no Qasim Allah had told me that he will protect me. And he will not let me fail. I had no other option except to make the jump and put my entire trust into Allah. Otherwise I will never be able to become successful. Then I placed all of my trust in Allah. And I started to run towards the edge and then I ran off. And then I started to fly upwards. And then Allah tore apart the net by his Mercy. I managed to escape from there very easily. And then I saw people down below who looked very busy in their jobs. However a few people saw me and said look Qasim is flying in the air. And some people said that wherever he is headed towards. That is the place which contains the mercy and blessings of Allah. Then he said come let’s go after him. And then those people left their sweet homes and jobs. And started running in the same direction I was going. I flew far away and then I reached a place where there was a very beautiful city. It was extremely Advanced and very well designed. And had beautiful architecture such that I have never seen before. There were beautiful buildings and homes and even the streets were amazing. The city was decorated with astonishing colors. And even the buildings were very clean. No words can ever explain the beauty of that City. And no minds could ever imagine it. It felt like this city was a miracle. Then I thought that who are these people that Allah made them build such city. And how intelligent must they be. And just with that Allah said from the sky that. “Qasim this city will be built by you and those who are with you”. “By my mercy and my help and the dream ended with that”.