Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[JUNE 08, 2018]

Muhammad Qasim told, In this dream I was at my home it was morning time. Allah ordered me to come out and find the place He had shown me in my dreams. I get very happy that Allah has given me a task. I get ready and leave the house but can’t figure out which direction to go to look for the place. Then I start walking in one direction, and after some distance I meet a few people. They ask me if I was Qasim, I get surprised that I’ve never met these people, how do they know my name. Then they ask me if I was going somewhere? I tell them yes, Allah has ordered me to find the place Allah had shown me in my dreams. They get very happy upon hearing this and say that they also want to go with me. I tell them I don’t know where is that place, I have yet to find that myself. I don’t even know how far is that place, you guys may get tired. They tell me, they would be with me in any case whatsoever.

I say ‘’as you wish, but don’t blame me later.’’ They say ‘’ok.’’ Upon walking for a while, I find a big bus, It was a modern one and was quite large. I get a feeling that Allah has prepared this bus for us. I tell all of the people with me to hop in. All of us get seated and I start driving. After driving on a few small roads, we reach at a relatively large road, and realize this is the same road that will take us to the peaceful place. I take a turn towards the large road. There was a lot of traffic on that road. There were houses on both sides of the road. It feels like the houses behind the visible ones are being destroyed as we are passing by. It appears to be a war-like situation. I say, ‘’we have to pass from this road quickly so that we can avoid trouble or a road blockage.’’ But I trust Allah and keep on driving. Then the sky gets covered with thick clouds. I keep on driving for quite a distance but the road doesn’t come to an end. And the traffic keeps on increasing. I say that I’m exhausted and the road is not coming to end. Then suddenly something happens and the traffic increases significantly. And an unrest appears, alot of people appear rushing to the road from left and right and start running here and there. Some vehicles catch fire and people start dying as well. I ask myself ‘’what’s happening here?’’ I try to speed up the bus but there’s a lot of traffic. Suddenly the road starts to break, it breaks into small pieces and starts sinking into the ground to cause a traffic jam. Then the water flows in from somewhere and the whole area starts sinking. I honk the truck in front of me but its tires are stuck in the road and it cant move. It was such chaos that the vehicles coming from behind were

hitting the ones in front so that they move. I get worried upon seeing this and ponder what should I do now. I try to reverse but it was stuck. It’s tires were stuck in the ground. I tell the people with me that the road is blocked, the bus is stuck, and the road is sinking and there is water everywhere. I tell them, if they want they can leave before the bus sinks into the earth or don’t blame me afterwards there’s still time, you guys can leave.People say ‘’we won’t leave you in any case we would stay with you here in the bus.’’ I get angry and say that ‘’I’m leaving, you guys can do what you want.’’ I open the door of the bus but find the water all around it. I tell myself that ‘’now it’s hard to go back.’’ I find stairs next to the door of the bus, I climb the roof of the bus using them. I could see that the road ahead was too long. And the traffic was stuck throughout. Also the road keeps on sinking. And people’s cars kept on catching fire, and the unrest keeps on spreading. Then I take a look at the path we had come from, and say ‘’why didn’t Allah tell me that this path was so long and difficult and that I would get stuck here?’’ ‘’If Allah had told me before, I would not come this far.’’ Then I look at the way forward and I find no way of going forward either. Tired of the situation, I sit right there on the roof and grieve

over what had happened to me. Then the scene changes and I feel like Allah is watching us from the sky. And the bus is visible to me from the sky with myself sitting on top and people talking to each other inside it that ‘’we are not going give up we need to move forward.’’ Then a person gets up and takes the driving seat. He reverses the bus a bit, then turns it right, puts it on the sidewalk and takes it out. He starts driving the bus on the space in front of the houses including the footpath. I get surprised that who’s this guy who has taken the bus out? I don’t see any signboards along the road maybe they had fallen already. Now the bus moves slowly with a lot of hiccups. I feel pleased that the bus is moving at least. Then I come downstairs and tell them that we have to move carefully so that we don’t incur any damage because we have this bus only. People were talking to each other and I tell them in a bit angry tone to not make noise and sit quietly. Let the driver drive the bus and the ones sitting on the front rows should guide him and be careful if there’s any obstacle or danger so that we avoid any harm to the bus and we don’t get stuck again. Then I say that Allah will to take us to our destination, He will guide us Himself and will show us the path. I get to the back side of the bus. The path was quite difficult. The bus had to be taken through many obstacles. When one gets tired, the other one starts driving. Bus keeps moving with Allah’s help and then the evening falls. Then immediately, the road becomes very smooth and homes and buildings start appearing on both sides. I get to the roof again and find out that it was a peaceful place. And the lights of homes and buildings were lit. Then I see light beyond those houses and buildings. Upon seeing this, I say, that’s the place we had to reach. The scene changes again and it feels like Allah is watching us. The bus is moving on the road and the road was approaching an end where it divides into two further roads. [left and right] I ponder, which way we have to go? Then I feel like Allah is guiding us and He has made the driver realize which way to go. Then the bus turns left, then going on that road for a while, there’s another road to the right. Bus takes that road going forward a bit more, the buildings and homes almost end. And the night has almost fallen. Then I see a house on the right that has Allah’s Nur (light) is coming out of it. The bus turns right once again on the road where that house is. Upon seeing it, I say that ‘’this is exactly the place Allah had told me to reach.’’ I couldn’t believe myself that we are reaching there. When we reach a bit closer I say ‘’this is the house Prophet SAW had built himself.’’ Ive found myself looking for this house in many dreams. Then I could see Allah’s blessings being bestowed on the house. I feel both happy and surprised that Allah has made us reach here. Then I look at the sky and say with excitement, and in a bit loud voice “There’s no doubt that my Allah is the Lord of the skies and the earth He has no partner.’’ ‘’He ordered me to find this place, I praised Him and left my house.’’ ‘’I found people on my way and I kept on taking them aboard.’’ ‘’We faced many obstacles and difficulties and we got totally stuck at one place but Allah showed us the path with his grace.’’ ‘’He helped and guided us, and kept on taking us out of difficulties.’’ ‘’Finally Allah has made us reach this place with his grace. Allah has proven his words.’’ ‘’No doubt Allah has his stronghold on his work. ” The bus reaches the gate of the house in the meanwhile my voice echoes from the sky and spreads all over the world. The scene then was very blessedly wonderful. It felt like Allah was directly listening to my words. People inside the bus rejoice upon seeing the house and chat with each other happily. They say ‘’Alhamdulillah’’ for being able to see this house closely. The dream ends as soon as I intend to get downstairs.