Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[DEC 2016]

Muhammad Qasim saw in a dream. It was the last day until Qiyamah (day of judgement) and I saw a building which I had to climb. I had no equipment to reach the top of the building. And people were making fun of me saying he is merely wasting his time. Then I saw there was a brick in the wall with little space in to step on. I started to climb the bricks which was very difficult for me but I did not lose my hope. I kept climbing up and I said to Allah why did you make this so difficult for me. Then from the help of Allah I finally reached the top. Then Muslims were telling me. We are your brothers and we want to help you. I thought in my heart that when I needed your help the most you were laughing at me. And then when you see Allah help me. You changed your mind. And now you are trying to show me that you are true Muslims. Rather you are bad people. Allah is the one who gave me success. So it’s best I rely on him in the Future to.