Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[SEP 28, 2016]

Muhammad Qasim saw in a dream: I saw that Pakistan and its Army we’re getting trapped in difficulties. And the army Chief tried his best to take Pakistan and its Army out of these difficulties. To let peace and happiness prevail in Pakistan. But the attempts of the army Chief where not as he wanted them to be. And the resources of Pakistan and its Army also kept on growing smaller. Due to which army Chief became distressed. And I became worried upon seeing this. And Allah came on his Arsh (throne) and said. “That Qasim give this command of mine to the Army chief of Pakistan”. “That Pakistan and its Army and army chief will stay in the same condition”. “Until they listen to your dreams carefully with attention”. “And until they don’t believe in the things that which you tell them”. And Qasim “I am the best planner and I will make a plan for your success”. Allah also showed me this in dreams. That when Army Chief comes to know of my dream. And when he listens to my dreams. Then after that Muhammad ﷺ gave him the witness.That Qasim is not lying to anyone regarding his dreams. And his dreams are true and they are from Allah. And exactly that is going to happen which Allah has shown Qasim in his dreams. And according to what Allah has shown me in my dreams. When I tell the important dreams to the Army chief of Pakistan. Then he makes plans according to them to save Islam and to save Pakistan. And Allah caused those plans to succeed by his help. And then we save Pakistan and Islam with the help of Allah. In my dreams Allah has also shown plans to save Islam and to save Pakistan. I request you all to share these dreams as much as you can. So they can reach the Army Chief as soon as possible. Jazakallahu (may Allah reward you)