Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[JAN 16, 2019]

Muhammad Qasim saw in this dream that many rulers have come and ruled Pakistan over the time but circumstances in Pakistan have not improved. Then Imran Khan came and people were hopeful that now everything will be fixed as Imran Khan has come now, but nothing changes and everything remains the same as before. But Asif Zardari became angry on the government and started doing speeches and big political gatherings. He said that ‘’I will not spare you and I will not allow your government to work and this country will not move forward.’’ I am watching all this on the TV. After watching all this I came out of my house and I said that ‘’if the circumstances remained the same then the situation of the country will not improve.’’ Then Asif Zardari conducted a big political gathering and I watched it from a faraway distance. When I am watching that crowd then the land on my right hand side starts converting into a field and a floor of soft soil starts spreading on this field. The soil spreads on this field in such a way as if someone is spreading the layer of the soil in a much organized manner. That soil is leveled from the top in such a way as if it’s a floor made with soil and it looks like as if a very advance and expert company has spread that soil. That soil looks very suitable and fertile because the way it is soft and wet at the top the same way it is wet deep down as well and it is not dry underneath which usually is the case. Then I did not pay attention to that soil and started watching Asif Zardari again and I said that many rulers have ruled such as Army, other rulers and Imran Khan but nothing has improved. Then I looked at the soil again and it had spread a lot and it was still spreading, it was leveled from the top and its rows were spreading at an equal distance and it was being manured simultaneously as well. Manure also kept spreading and I said who is spreading it like this on top of the soil? Then I thought to myself that now Zardari is speaking, similarly soon it will be my turn now and I will have to speak to the people as well and I should do the preparation for that. I have to do planning about what I should say and what I shouldn’t say. Then I went to a room or a small house. When I went there then I saw that it is a hall like room and there are a few people sitting there. I talked to them and said that so far so many rulers have ruled and if you look at their history then every time there was a hope that the country will flourish but nothing happened, rather the circumstances have been getting worse than ever before. Then I told them that there is only one reason for all this failure and disorder, and the reason is that until and unless we abolish shirk and eliminate all its forms from this country there will be no prosperity and Allah’s help will not arrive either. I saw that more people came there and they were listening to my conversation. Then I saw that the some Army officers were also standing at a faraway distance and they were also listening to my conversation. Then I said that ‘’inside the cities on different roads and junctions there are monuments and statues in the name of art and culture, there are big billboards that have unnecessary pictures on them, similarly there are statues and idols in the parks and all other kinds of pictures posted in the city which are unnecessary, all of these are forms of shirk.’’ ‘’Prophet Muhammad PBUH also destroyed such idols and statues to eliminate shirk.’’ ‘’When we abolish all these forms of shirk then Allah’s help will also arrive.’’ ‘’Then not only that Pakistan will be victorious in Ghazwah-e-Hind but it will also be victorious against powers like USA and Russia in the WW3 and it will become a superpower alone.’’ Army officials and some other people were listening to my conversation and I said that ‘’when we abolish shirk and its forms then Allah will shower his blessings and mercy upon us and uncover His treasures upon us because at the very start Prophet Muhammad PBUH also advised Muslims to avoid shirk and established a society that was free from shirk.’’ Then I saw myself sitting in a live interview and the host asked me about shirk and said that in this day and age pictures are a necessity and I said to him that ‘’where they are necessary we should use them but we shouldn’t use them if they are not needed.’’ ‘’Then there are different requirements of the state where use of pictures is allowed such as the ID cards and currency notes or if someone is in a photography business then they can use pictures because it is necessary.’’ ‘’Apart from this you see unnecessary pictures and images all over the city or some people use the images of celebrities in their homes then this is not permissible and it falls under the forms of shirk.’’ Then I said that ‘’you see the live TV shows of different anchor-persons and they use their pictures therein, those who are not famous it is ok for them to use a picture in the promo of their talk shows but the famous anchors do not need to show their pictures as its not necessary.’’ Army Officials are continuously watching all this from a distance and they are also listening to my conversation carefully. And the dream ended there.