Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

Muhammad Qasim told, In this dream we were living in a small place filled with darkness. Our main Islamic building was captured by anti Islamic forces. And then Allah sent Muhammad ﷺ to us by His Mercy, upon seeing Muhammad ﷺ. We all became really happy that Allah has sent Muhammad ﷺ to us again. And now the time has come that we become United again. And regain our Islamic building. Muhammad ﷺ said to me that. “Qasim go and tell all the Muslim leaders about me”. “That Muhammad ﷺ has come to us again”. “To free his Islamic building from anti Islamic forces and to rebuild it”. I tell Muhammad ﷺ that “Yes I will go now and convey Your message to all of them”. Muhammad ﷺ tells me that “I will wait for you”. But when I go to Muslim leaders and convey the message of Muhammad ﷺ then they don’t believe me. Then I tell them that “do you only love Muhammad ﷺ in your words”? “Anyone can say mighty things by his tongue”. “You all should show your love to Muhammad ﷺ by your actions and not only by your words”. “Muhammad ﷺ is waiting for you all”. Then they say to me that “Qasim don’t waste our time and we know what is right and what is wrong”. “And whatever we are doing, we are doing it for the service of Islam”. Then I decide to go back but on the way back I find powerful black horses. So I take them along with me. And after coming back I tell the complete story to Muhammad ﷺ. And I say to Muhammad ﷺ that I am going alone to free the building of your Islam. Then Muhammad ﷺ said “Wait my son! I will go with you”. Then I said ” Alright, I have a very powerful horse for You Rasululah ﷺ. You Rasululah ﷺ ride it“. Muhammad ﷺ told the other people to wait for us here. Then we go to the place where our main building was. And we used to live in this building before. Anti Islamic forces had captured this building. And they were killing the Muslims who were already there. And were also destroying the Islam. l and Muhammad ﷺ started to fight but they were too much in quantity and power. And then I see that some forces disguise themselves as Muslims forces. But actually they were not Muslims and they were causing more damage to Islam. Then I told Muhammad ﷺ that “these forces are too much”. “You sit here and have rest and glorify Allah with praises”. “I will fight these forces alone with the help of Allah”. And then I start to fight these forces with the Noor (light) of Allah, And Muhammad ﷺ start to supplicate to Allah that? “help Qasim”, and then all the forces were destroyed. And only those people remained who loved peace. No hypocrite force could stand before the Nur (light) of Allah. We regain that Islamic building again. But that building was much broken. And I tell Muhammad ﷺ that we need to rebuild this building now. Muhammad ﷺ became very happy on regaining the building. And then Muhammad ﷺ said to me that “Qasim stay here while I go to tell other Muslims”. And then Muhammad ﷺ told other Muslims. “That we have regained our place and everyone should go there”. “Qasim is over there and play your role in rebuilding the Islam”.