Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

I saw in a dream that there is darkness everywhere. We have everything but no electricity to light up bulbs and tube lights. And everyone is in search of electricity. Then I see that Allah gives me electricity by his Mercy. Then I go to Ulamas, Muftis (experts in Islam) and leaders and I tell them that l have electricity. And I can light up the houses of people with it. But Ulamas, Muftis and Leaders don’t believe in me that I really have any electricity. They say that I am lying. Ulamas, Muftis and leaders only disagree with me that l have no electricity. but they don’t say anything more to me. Neither do they stop me nor do they forbid me. That I should not say this to anyone else. They say that let him do whatever he wants. For he is merely wasting his time, he has no electricity. But Allah tells me that Qasim don’t worry I am with you. No one can stop you and I will help you. And then Allah helps me and normal Muslims start to believe in my words. And then this news spreads all around the world. And then everyone believes me. And they say that “light up everything with the electricity that Allah has given you”. Then when I spread the light with the Mercy of Allah. then the Ulamas say that “Alas”! “We should have believed him”.