Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[FEB 2019]

In this dream. Muhammad Qasim says, I saw myself in my house. I said to myself I don’t have any work to do. What is this life? And what is its purpose? And what kind of life is this? There is a very big company which is going around advertising for manager jobs. They don’t appoint anyone as manager for quite some time. They want to hire someone and began to advertise even more. They advertise a questionnaire on the TV and wait to see who gives the best answer. I said to myself my qualification is not that high and this company is big. I might not get the job. I see on the companies website that the questionnaire is there and I feel that I can answer easily. I write the answers, and after writing them, I put the answers in an envelope and hand the questionnaire in to the reception. The receptionist informs me that tomorrow is the interview. There is people there who get surprised that how did he get the interview and I  became surprised that “Why did they call me?” I prepare my clothes for the morning, I iron, and make preparations. When the morning time comes, I leave the house. I see a girl and I like that girl and I want to marry her. I follow the girl and wherever she goes, I follow her and run after her nearly the whole day. Then the night time falls and neither did I get the girl nor the job and I became sad. I think to myself that the company who is hiring must of hired a manager by now. I should check who has been selected, but nothing appears. I said to myself that “If I had went for the interview at the right time I might have been the lucky guy.” Then I fell asleep, when I wake up in morning I become curious as to who got the job and I wanted to find out. I go out to see who got the job. I check the website but there is nothing there. I went to the office but I look at my clothes and they are untidy and not so clean. I said to myself if i go out in this condition they will not select me. Anyways, I take a shower and when I am finished, I see that there are new clothes that appeared from somewhere! With these new clothes i can go to the interview. I change clothes, get ready and leave for the companies office. At the reception I see a lady who is sitting there handing out the envelopes. She gets up and says salam and greets me with respect and says “Welcome sir.” As if they are waiting for me. Many other people say Salam to me and they all welcome me as well. They told me that they will hold the interview and that I was selected. I asked “how can I be selected?” I wanted to see the owner to find out how? They give me directions to his office and I go there. I am very surprised and curious as to how I got selected for this job. I go quickly to the room and enter without permission. The owner is sitting there. He says “come here Qasim, I was waiting for you and I selected you as manager”. I said I only came for the interview. The boss said “I wanted to see who gives the best answers and I saw that no one else gave answers good enough”. Then I wondered who was that person who gave such good answers. I wondered why didn’t he come for the interview, he must of got in trouble or something. Then I said to myself, I came out of my house and I ran into trouble outside. The owner said go to your office there is a room dedicated for you. We will briefly explain to you how to do the work. I said i know quite a bit as what to do. I meet some people, and they introduce me the product. I became grateful to Allah. I see the office and it was a luxurious office, it had cameras and monitors. I looked at a monitor and I wondered “Where is my car?” It was a white colored car and I saw it on the screen. I thought I need to go out and meet the rest of the people. I look into a mirror and see that my hair is old and messy and I need to comb it. I need to add gel to make myself look smarter. I should ask the owner if they have gel so I can tidy up. I go to the owner who is in the hall talking to people. I asked him for hair gel so that I can meet the people. The owner doesn’t pay attention to my hair and gives me old gel which is a bit dry. I think ok I have to use this and I put the gel and my hair doesn’t get tidy. I said to myself that the owner of this  big company should at least give me better gel so that I can work nicer. What will people say? But the owner did not provide it. Out of anger I get upset and take off the gel and I throw the gel. I said if the owner himself doesn’t care how his manager looks, then so be it. I walk away from there and make my mind up. That i have to go and meet the people in this condition. As I am thinking all of this then the dream ends.