Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[AUG 08, 2017]

Muhammad Qasim said, I was in a big room. The Army Chief and other people were talking on a round table. I was standing near the exit door way. This meeting was urgently made to address a severe issue. The problem was there were people who planned to create chaos. And destabilize the country. Those people wore normal type clothing. The Army Chief listened to their plans he became very upset. He said don’t do that or else I will impose martial law. Then the other people replied saying you can’t stop us. And you can’t do anything after taking over either. The Army Chief became silent. Then he said I warned you don’t do that. They ignored him and continued to make their plans. Out of anger. The army chief walked away towards the exit door where I was standing. When he drew near the exit he noticed me. He approached me and said “Qasim help us.” “Stop those people otherwise this country will fall apart.” “And kindly inform me when you’re finished.” I said “okay I will try to stop them then he left the room.” “I said if the army chief was not able to stop them then how can I?” But then I place my trust in Allah ﷻ and relied on him. I walked over to the circular table. And saw that they had already began their plans, I was looking at what they were doing for sometime. Then I started talking to them but I don’t remember exactly what I said. However in the end I was able to stop them. Then I went to the army chief and told him “I stopped them.” The army chief became happy and said “you have done a great job.” “Now stay with us so that we can rebuild our country.” “And soon we will become powerful and spread peace and mercy”