Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum


There was a beautiful dream in which I intend to follow the path of Muhammad SAW. When I saw the stairs dream, I always thought that I should see the next part of that dream. That what happens after I climb all those stairs. Then in 2005 I saw a dream that I came out of the earth/soil and I found myself in Maidan e Hashar. (Day of judgement) And that soil is very pure and very clean and doesn’t look dirty or bad. There are clouds in the sky and light rain and very beautiful weather. And when I woke up I saw that my face is towards the south.

The scene is so beautiful that I start praising Allah SWT that you are so merciful that you created this weather Then I look towards the west and I see that two people are standing in front of Allah’s Arsh (throne). One person’s height is nearly touching the Arsh of Allah and the second man is only as tall so that he reaches the knees of the first man.

One man is very tall and one is short and I said that “Who is this person that his height is up to the Arsh of Allah”? (I have always wished that my voice reaches Allah’s Arsh.) And His head cloth is rubbing the Arsh of Allah and he is moving slightly and due to that the Arsh is moving a little. And I said that how great is this person that Allah’s Arsh is shaking. And then I promised myself that I will follow the footsteps of that tall person and reach Allah SWT. when I woke up I had an amazing feeling and it remained for at least a month.

Then i realized that the tall man can only be Muhammad SAW and the short man is Ibrahim AS. Then after a month Allah SWT told me in a dream that the tall person is Muhammad SAW and the short person is Ibrahim AS and you were right to think so!