Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

I have seen many dreams, how Islam and Muslim Ummah will rise again to the whole world, if I combine some part of recent and old dreams then a scene such as this one is formed, its also clear how many things will happen. When Allah helps me and when the news of my dreams is spread all around the world then i get a lot of wealth, I don’t remember precisely, and slowly it becomes billions of dollars so I think that what is the use of all this wealth to me and I distribute this wealth amongst the people, Muhammad s.a.w sees all this and likes this habit of mine that Qasim is spending this wealth in the way of Allah instead of using this wealth to live a luxurious life, so Muhammad s.a.w ask Allah to make Qasim the leader of Pakistan and Allah says that Indeed it will happen, and during all this, Muhammad s.a.w also gave a witness to Army Chief that Qasim has not lied with anyone, and his dreams are true and they are from Allah.

So all the people of Pakistan start saying that the leader of this country should be Qasim who doesn’t love wealth but instead distributes it amongst the people, and many Muslims around the world and the Pakistan army also wants him to be the leader, Muhammad s.a.w also said this that Qasim I want you to become the leader of Pakistan and i said that how can I do this all, I am just a normal man then Muhammad s.a.w said that Qasim becoming a leader whatever you say, Allah will make it a reality and accept your supplication i said whatever You command.

The people of Pakistan and Army make me their leader, first of all I cleared Pakistan from all forms of disbelief(shirk) on any government level, and along with it people started to ask me to fix all the problems as I did in the dreams. then I get worried that what should I do? They were all dreams and nothing more, I just say to the people that clouds will come now and they will pour forth a very heavy rain and the earth will take out its treasures.

Then I see that clouds start gathering and they pour forth a heavy rain and the earth starts to take out its treasures, everyone was amazed to see this and I was more amazed that I just said that so the people will leave me alone but Allah changed it into a reality.

Then Allah says from the heavens that Qasim whatever you say, I will complete it even if it is something impossible, I will make such a plan that by my Mercy I will change that into reality, and Qasim I will never make you feel ashamed in front of anyone and whatever you say it is upon me to complete it and it is easy for Me.

And I say to the people that Allah is with us and He will help us from the unseen so come and lets excel from the people of the west in every field with the Mercy and Help from Allah and made us very intelligent and freed our minds from impurities and vices.

Then i clear the whole Pakistan from all sorts of disbelief(shirk), and then i tell the people that Allah and Muhammad s.a.w have shown me the right path through dreams so you all should follow that path, then i abolish all the sects and unite them into one Muslim nation, Eid occurs on one day and Azan also started to be called at one fixed time, we abolish the interest system and form a system of banking free from interest, and all forms of oppression and terrorism were uprooted.

Justice and Equality prevailed and such a system of justice was formed that the rest of the world became surprised, and a system of government was formed that any common man could question the policies of prime minister, army chief and the  head of other departments and they were bound to answer them.

Pakistan started to progress by leaps and bounds and peace and tranquility started to prevail speedily in Pakistan, and India after seeing all this, tried to stop Pakistan from growing prosperous and started to make preparations to attack Pakistan and the army and people of Pakistan also started to prepare for it, but i did not want to wage a war because i know this war will be horrible and there were many Muslims living in India too and so i asked Allah to do something and asked Him to prevent this war.

So Allah sent Powerful Black Jet Fighters in hundreds by his Help and India became frightened after seeing these black jet fighters that how did Pakistan get these jet fighters? The people of the world and even the military engineers of US became astonished and worried.

And then i told India that are you ready to fight with these Unbeatable Jet Fighters? Then the Govt of India said that we don’t want to attack on you, and India stepped back and pulled its army back from the borders, but i take advantage of these jet fighters and attack a famous place in Middle East and i freed it, and this is how Allah planned and gave peaceful time for Pakistan to grow.

After seeing these black jets fighters many Muslims from around the world left their Sweet Country permanently and came to Pakistan and started to play their roles in rebuilding Islam, and Muslims started to say that how did Allah helped Qasim and turned his dreams into a reality and indeed Allah has shown great favor to them.

But when those forces who did not like Pakistan saw this that Pakistan cannot be stopped from becoming powerful then they started to try to destroy Pakistan financially and asked Pakistan to give the loan back which was due on it, and said that if Pakistan cannot return the loan then we will impose our terms on Pakistan and make it our slave again. but Allah helped us here too, and from his unseen gave us treasures and from that wealth of treasures we paid back all the loan which was due on Pakistan.

And Pakistan stood independently with the Mercy of Allah, in Pakistan there was peace and tranquility everywhere, there were blessings and gifts of Allah and Allah cleared Pakistan of impurity and filth. Many non muslims also started to come and live in Pakistan, we gave equal rights to all and we did not discriminate anyone and Pakistan became the most peaceful and beautiful Country in the world and we excelled the world in every field.

And the people of the world said that its not only hard to stop Qasim but its impossible because Allah Himself is guiding and protecting him and his Allah helped him and changed his dreams into a reality. I don’t remember precisely but Muhammad s.a.w also told me to come to Medina during all this, means we will make our own space shuttle first or Muhammad s.a.w told me to come Medina.

And soon we excelled the west in every field, we made our own Airplanes, Ships, Tallest Building Technology and even we made our own Space Shuttle and we became independent in every field and excelled the world with the help of Allah, and the people of the world became amazed that how did these people accomplish all this in a very short period, these people were very weak before. and if they keep on going like this then one day these people will rule the world.

then Allah told Muhammad s.a.w that Qasim has built your original Islam in Pakistan, so Muhammad s.a.w became happy after knowing all this and told me through a dream to come to Madina and said that I want to meet you, you have made me very happy after doing all this, then i went to Medina to meet Muhammad s.a.w, Muhammad s.a.w said that did I not tell you that Allah will help you in all conditions, and i said that yes Allah changed my dreams into a reality and He has also blessed me in many other ways, then Muhammad s.a.w said Qasim go to Mecca to give thanks to Allah for all these blessings that He has been very bountiful to you and yes after that you will have to help My complete Ummah and you will have to restore My original Islam in all countries and you will show the whole world what is my real Islam which I implemented 1400 years ago with the help of Allah, i said Yes InshAllah whatever You command.

I went from Madina to Makkah and in Masjid Al-Haram some people said to me that Qasim just as you took Pakistan and its people from darkness to light and you enlightened the house of Pakistan, please take us out of these darkness too and enlighten our houses too, i said that i only have the Nur (light) of Allah and i can enlighten the world with this Nur of Allah, so the people said Yes please do this for us.

After this many horrible wars broke out which i deem not appropriate to mention. Allah helped us and we gained victory in all these wars with the help of Allah and all forms of terrorism and oppression were demolished. We restore the original Islam of Muhammad s.a.w in all Muslim Countries, in the whole world there was one Eid and Ramadan and once again Islam was spread in the whole earth and Islam stood victorious and everyone became happy.

In the whole world gardens/parks were being planted everywhere at many places and such gardens/parks were never seen before, and i also made a garden at the place where Esa a.s will descend so that Esa a.s will not face any problem when he comes.

In the whole Muslim world there was one ID card and one Currency and Muslims did not need any visa to go from one Muslim Country to another, there were advanced accident proof vehicle and Muslims mostly traveled all the time and enjoyed the Blessing and Mercy of Allah.

And then after that we wiped out poverty and oppression from the whole world and we spread peace throughout the whole world and we implemented justice all over the world. All this tranquility and peace remained like this for many years throughout the earth after many years suddenly Dajjal appeared.