Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum. I am from Pakistan. For the last 28 years Allah and Muhammad ﷺ keep coming into my dreams. The first time they come into my dreams was when I was 12 years old. And when I was 17 years old they came into my dreams continuously. Since then Allah has come into my dreams at least 500 times. And Muhammad ﷺ came into my dreams at least 300 times. I testify that there is no God except Allah and Muhammad ﷺ is his messenger. In 2007 Allah and Muhammad ﷺ teach me what to do and what not to do. Mostly to avoid all forms of shirk.(worship other than Allah) I have seen many dreams how islam and the Muslim ummah (nation) will rise against the whole world. For the first time in April 2014 Allah told me Qasim. I want you to tell the whole world about your dreams and I want everyone to know where you are. I have shared many of my dreams with family members, friends and Neighbors. And all of them ended up ignoring me after that I stopped sharing my dreams. Then in December 2014 Muhammad ﷺ appeared twice in my dreams and said. You have to save your Islam and Pakistan by sharing your dreams. In all hopelessness I asked myself what should I do? I don’t know why Allah and Muhammad ﷺ keep coming into my dreams. I am just a simple person not religious. Just that I tell the truth and want to be the friend of Allah. I never saw Allah just that I felt he is on the throne above the sky. And I heard his voice from there or saw his light. And I feel he is nearer to me than my jugular vein and the front part of my brain. I have only seen the body of Muhammad ﷺ. Because my gaze would always lower out of respect. In a few dreams I shake hands and hug Muhammad ﷺ. And my body testifies that this is the noble body of Muhammad ﷺ. Allah told me in a dream in 1994 that Qasim. I will fulfill the promises I made you. And if I can’t I am not the lord of the Worlds. From that day I put my trust in Allah and waited for his promise. And whenever I started to lose hope in Allah or Muhammad ﷺ. They would advice me with patience. And tell me Qasim Muslims do not lose hope. Do not be like the non-muslims. In many of my dreams Allah and Muhammad ﷺ guide me in the right path. And in so many dreams Allah says “Qasim go fill the world with light as it is in darkness”. Allah and Muhammad ﷺ told me “Qasim one day you will take the whole Muslim ummah out of Darkness”. And then the whole world will be filled with light and peace starting from Pakistan. In other dreams I saw Dajjal trying to destroy that World Peace. Allah told me we will be the last nation of Muhammad ﷺ on this Earth. And Qiyama (day of judgement) will be established on the worst of us. In February 2015 Muhammed ﷺ told me in a dream don’t lose hope my son. You are very close to your destiny and Allah is helping you just wait a bit longer. Many people told me you are mentally ill or it’s from shaytan. (Satan) However Allah told me many years back Qasim read the last three Qul surahs (chapters/Quran) before you sleep. So that shaytan stays away from you and I’ve been doing this for many years. Allah told me in many dreams that Qasim one day I will help you and give you success. And I will fulfill my promises even if there is one day left from Qiyamah. And I don’t know when that will be but I’ve been waiting for the last 23 years. May Allah reward you for your time.