Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[Oct 9, 2015]

Muhammad Qasim said, In a dream a few days ago I saw Muhammad ﷺ giving a message to the Muslim Ummah (nation) Which I am going to share. Muhammad ﷺ came in my dreams three times. I saw Muhammad ﷺ come to my dreams three times in a single night. One time I saw that Muhammad ﷺ was worried and walking here and there in worry. And Muhammad ﷺ tells me with great zeal. “That Qasim convey this message to the whole Ummah”. Muhammad ﷺ said “Qasim whoever stands with you is just like a person standing with Me”. And whoever supports you is just like a person supporting Me. And he will also be with Me on the Day of Judgement.” And the other two dreams were same too. Which I saw a dream on Sep 30, 2015 In that dream it was daytime. And Allah was on the Arsh (throne), Muhammad ﷺ and I were at a place. I was sitting lost in my own thoughts. And Muhammad ﷺ asked me the reason. Then I told Him ﷺ that this task is too difficult. Till now only a small number of people have believed in me and my dreams. And there are few other people who are waiting to see if my dreams come true or not. And Allah knows if he is telling the truth or not. And every one else thinks of me as a madman. And that supporting him is a sin. Upon hearing this Muhammad ﷺ became anxious and a bit angry. And came towards me hurriedly and said that. “Qasim convey this message of Mine to My whole Ummah that whoever supports you”. “And stands with you is just like a person who is standing with Me”. “And is supporting Me” “This is My Islam since you are doing everything because Allah and I said so”. “And Allah will give them a double reward”. “look whoever is supporting you”. “Allah himself is writing their names on a golden paper with golden words”. “And my son Allah does not waste the rewards of those who do good”. I don’t care whether people believe me or not. It doesn’t affect me and I am not asking for any reward from anyone. Muhammad ﷺ ordered me to convey his message. And I acted upon the order of Muhammad ﷺ. That’s all. JazakAllah (may Allah reward you)