Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

Qasim’s dreams depict his supporters as the most amazing people and the real heroes. In many of his dreams he sees his companions as people emanating with light. And he sees how Muhammad ﷺ is Overjoyed with those people. He carries golden papers with their names and their deeds on his blessed chest everywhere he goes. I want to share one of Qasim’s dreams with you guys. I was walking somewhere and I knew my destination was the era of peace. And a person meets with me. And we were headed in the same destination. Although he was going down the wrong path. I did not say anything to him or force him but I hinted to him that you are going the wrong way. He noticed in time and went the right way and was working like a spark. He gathered a few people and at one point they were waiting to meet me. They knew my name and where I was going which surprised me. Thinking where have I met them before. Allah told me it is because you share all your basic dreams and they recognize you. They were awesome people very nice and kind. They asked me “Qasim where are you headed to”. When they knew I was headed to the path of peaceful land. They started following me and even walked faster than me. Then Allah gave us cars and we moved faster. At one point that man gather many more people and then the whole world saw our efforts. All of Qasim’s helpers are from around the world and we love each other like a family because it will please Allah. We are sincere to Allah, have Taqwa (fear of Allah), fear dishonesty, long for peace, unity ,compassion, ease and the mercy of Allah. We make constant du’a for you guys and special Dua for each other. We love Allah and his messenger ﷺ more than ourselves and we can’t stand to see Muhammad ﷺ in pain in Qasim’s dreams. And we just want the world to be in peace with no more fighting. We even have amazing Divine dreams ourselves that align with Qasim’s dreams and that’s how some of us chose to believe Qasim’s dreams. The rest of us are being blessed with Divine dreams after we started supporting Qasim. Like myself (kazi) I will share one of my dreams. A voice told me two things and then I immediately woke up. It was said to me that ‘’those are the chosen ones.’’