Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

Muhammad Qasim Saw in this dream Rasulullah ﷺ. Came out of his house after making wudu for Asr prayer. He ﷺ was old and needed a stick to walk. He ﷺ called out asking “is there anyone to take me to the masjid”? But no one responded. And everyone remain caught up in their own work. He ﷺ became very upset and started to walk towards the closest masjid. When he ﷺ reached the Masjid no one had waited for him. And the prayer had already finished. he ﷺ became even more upset and depressed that no one waited for him. He ﷺ started to walk towards his house and again no one offered any assistance. I had just finished doing difficult work. And met Muhammad ﷺ near his house. He ﷺ said “Qasim you came to me when the prayer is finished” “What’s the use now no one listen to me or took me to the masjid”. I said “don’t worry there’s a huge masjid far ahead”. “Where prayer hasn’t started so how about I take you there”. He ﷺ said in a sad tone that “Qasim you couldn’t take me to the masjid that is near. “So how will you take me to the masjid that is farther”. “And Catch prayer on time”. “You don’t have a car either so it’s fine Qasim just leave it”. “I will just pray at home”. I told him “don’t worry if I got here earlier”. “Then I would have taken you to the masjid on time”. “And Allah is with us so I will take you to the masjid with the help of Allah”. So he ﷺ said “let us hurry and go to the Masjid”. Now I became worried. I don’t even know the way nor do I have a car. Now only Allah can help me. So Allah said in my right ear “Qasim pick up Muhammad ﷺ and run”. “I will take you to the masjid”. So i picked up Muhammad ﷺ in my arms. And ran then. I started to run in the air with the mercy of Allah. He ﷺ became very happy upon seeing a huge masjid in front of us. He ﷺ was even bragging about me saying “this is my son”. “Who has taken me to the masjid with the help of Allah”. The people got up for prayer right when we entered. And Muhammad ﷺ led the prayer for the others. I didn’t enter the masjid because I didn’t have wudu. I told myself that if I had wudu then I would of prayed with them. The masjid was very big. So by time I finished doing my wudu. The prayer would have already finished. And if I did wudu before coming here. Then Muhammad ﷺ would have missed his prayer. Either way the good thing is Muhammad ﷺ. Got to the Masjid on time with the help of Allah. I gave thanks to Allah and started to watch Muhammad ﷺ pray.