Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[MAR 31, 2018]

Muhammad Qasim told, in this dream, I find myself in a house which is in the Middle East. This is a very big house but its design is old fashioned. There are a lot of rooms in the house and the walls are painted green. There are people in the rooms of this house who are all busy in their own work in isolation. I said to myself what am I doing in this house? I walk inside the house and there is a window in one of the rooms which opens outwards. There I see a child who is around 12 years old and he is looking at something outside through that window. I also look outside through this window. I see a house at some distance. This house is very modern and it looks like a big building and there are a lot of people there. A man has a red car and he is driving it around there. I feel like this man is the head of the household. He is drifting the car and performing different stunts. The people around him are praising him upon seeing this. That man is actually doing quite good stunts. When I start walking towards another room. That child who was standing near me. Comes running towards me and greets me and tells me his name and I greet him back. He said to me, did you see how well that man was drifting the car? I said to him, Yes I saw him. This is the hobby of rich people. He has a car and large area that’s why he is performing different stunts. Then that child said to me. Can you please play cricket with me? I have a bat and a ball. I reply to him; Yes why not! Just then his mother calls him from the other room and said to him. First complete your school homework and then play afterwards. Then that child said to me. Please wait here I will complete my homework and also bring the bat and ball on my return. I told him, that’s fine I will wait here! Then suddenly something comes in my mind that I walk towards the window again and start watching the man with the red car. After sometime another man comes near the window and starts watching the car stunts. I look at that modern house and it is strongly built and looks very nice from there. The man with the red car shouts with pride. “look I am doing such good stunts.” Then suddenly I hear a strange sound from the base of the walls of that house and the earth around them starts to sink. The walls of the house also start collapsing after that. Upon seeing this I tell the man standing next to me that look! The earth is sinking from there and the walls are also collapsing. He is surprised to see this and said. “How did this happen” “This house was very strong!” I said “yes but I am worried what if the debris from the walls of that house fall on our house and damage it.” He replies “No, this is not possible.” “That house is far away, even if the walls collapse, the debris won’t reach here.” Then I see that the earth in front of that house starts sinking and one of the side wall collapses. The earth starts sinking very fast but the people in the surroundings don’t pay attention towards that. They are busy watching the stunts of the man with the red car. Neither does the man himself pay any attention towards that situation. I said to myself “the earth beneath this house is sinking and these people are heedless of that and they are busy with praising that man.” Then suddenly that man turns his car towards the parking area. The earth is already sinking very fast and some of the people who are praising the man also get swallowed by the earth. Others start screaming when they see them getting sunk into the earth. Due to the collapsing walls and sinking earth there is a lot of dust around there. As soon as that man reaches the parking bay and he is about to park the car. The earth sinks and that man sinks very deep along with his car. Upon seeing this I become very sad. I ask the man next to me, “do you think this man is still alive.” He said “No, he must have died.” I said “Yes, after getting buried under so much soil he must have died due to suffocation.” Upon seeing this horrible scene I said. “I have to go outside and warn those people to get out of there as that house is collapsing. By the time I reach outside the earth starts sinking even faster and a lot of destruction happened in that house due to this. Then the earth continues to sink until it reaches the house where I am present. The earth sinks from under one of the walls of this house too and the wall collapses. Then one of the rooms of this house also collapses and creates dust around there. I become worried that this calamity has also reached here and what is going to happen next? Suddenly the earth stops sinking near the main entrance door of this house. It only sinks up to there and doesn’t sink any more due to which the people of the house can get out. I express gratitude to Allah (swt) that the earth has stopped sinking there. When I take a look at the soil which was sunk. It was equal in breadth all the way starting from that house. I see some pieces of iron in the soil that sank and there were similar patterns on that soil. It was cut in an organized manner in lines as if in the hindsight someone was collapsing these houses with proper planning. Then I thought that I need to hurry up. I run towards the inside and shout out. “Get out of this house, because the earth beneath this house is going to sink”. Some people listen to me and they carry their belongings and start to head out. Then I realize that some of my stuff is also there. I quickly go towards a room to pick up my things. Upon seeing them I get a feeling that I got all this from Allah (swt). After picking up my stuff I think of that child and I go and find him in one of the rooms. I tell him to get out of there as this house is going to collapse. Him and his family pick up their belongings and run towards outside. The sinking earth is still stopped near the main door but the earth starts sinking from the other side of the house and there is destruction in the surroundings. After evacuating that house people ask me what shall we do now and where can we go? I said to them, “don’t worry and I point towards the east and tell them to go in that direction.” “There is a small river on the way.” “After crossing the river you will see another house, you can go to that house.” Those people start walking in that direction. I am also carrying my things with me and I never put them down. I said to myself “what if I put it down somewhere and forget it or lest it gets buried.” Hence I carry my stuff all the time. I go inside the house again and bring some more people out. As I come out, the first group of people return to me and ask how we will cross the river? I take them along, that river is shallow at one point. I ask them to cross the river from that point. We cross the river and go further ahead and find a small, old and weak house. When I see that house I said. “It is the same house where I was born.” I tell those people to seek refuge in that house and when Allah (swt) wills everything will be fine. Those people go inside that house. I said to them we need to strengthen this house and we need to protect it from beneath the ground as well so that calamity doesn’t befall this house and damage it. Allah (swt) will definitely help us. Then I go back as there are some other houses as well. I tell the people of those houses and the two big houses to get out and go towards that house across the river. Those people start heading towards that small and old house one after another. After this the scenes in the dream go into a fast forward mode. I don’t remember what happened during that time. Then when the scenes become normal again. I find myself in front of the door of the house. I feel like that calamity has shed away and those people who were saved are all in this house. When I go inside the house. I find that it has changed completely. I become very surprised and said that this is the same house that was built by Prophet Muhammad. (s.a.w) And I was looking for this very house in my dreams. Allah (swt) has returned this house to us by His special mercy and I become very happy. This house is much bigger than those two houses. I walk around in this house and find that there is peace and prosperity everywhere. I enter a very big room there. And I see that a lot of people are sitting together talking to each other. Muslims from all over the world with different languages and cultures are gathered there. I looked at them and thought that until the calamity didn’t befall them these people didn’t even want to see each other. And now they are gathered in one place and talking to each other as if they are real brothers. They are consoling each other and treat each other with great respect and honor. Then a young man enters the room, he looks familiar and I feel like I have seen him before. Then I thought to myself his looks resemble the child that I met in that house in the Middle East. During this that young man also looks at me and starts talking to me. I said to him “I met a child and you resemble a lot with him.” “I remembered that child upon seeing you.” He said to me “I am the same child.” I become surprised and call him by his name and ask him “Are you that same child”? He replies, “Yes I am the same child that you met.” I said to him “You have quite grown up now”. He said, “Yes I am a grown up now and I am very happy to see you.” I talk to him for some time and upon seeing this I get lost in myself. Then I sit somewhere in that room. I am still holding tight to my things that Allah (swt) gave me. I said to myself many years have gone past in chaos and I didn’t even realize and back then this young man was a child. After so many years I got time to take a sigh of relief and saw these times of peace and prosperity. Ya Allah! When I see the walls of this house. I feel as if it is very strong and no one can defeat it. There are blessings and mercy of Allah (swt) showering upon us from the walls and the roof of the house. Then I think now there isn’t much time left. Very soon we are going to meet with Allah (swt), the lord of the worlds! The Dream End.