Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[JUNE 6, 2017]

Muhammad Qasim said that I saw myself in this dream in the hall of a very big building. I was telling my dreams to a few people. That in the future such and such events will take place. And a very bad time will come upon the Muslims. And there will even be attempts made to completely end Islam. But Allah with help the Muslims and Islam will be spread in the entire world. Then a person asked me that “when will your dreams come true”? I then became silent. And thought that only Allah knows when these dreams will come true. For now I can only make inaccurate estimations. Another person said that “what are your signs that your dreams are true”. “How can we believe you”? “Tell us which events will take place which proves your dreams are going to come true”. And they asked many types of questions And I had nothing to say so I walked out from there. Then a man who believes my dreams said that his dreams are true. I will do my research on this. And I will try to find out when these dreams will come true. And which events will occur before that. Then he went away and entered some Library like room. There was a book in there and the paper was placed in it. He opened the paper and there was writing on it. Saying that the first sign of Qasim’s dreams. Is that they will try to make Pakistan as Tora Bora. (terrorist hiding place)