Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[DEC 21, 2017]

Muhammad Qasim saw in dream, I heard a news that USA is going to make some huge announcement. I thought that this would be related to Palestine. Then I said that this announcement can be very important and I must go there and find out. Because this could be very important for the safety of the Muslims, Then I sat on a plane type machine and went there. The president of USA was sitting in some office like place. And some other people were sitting there too. I go inside there also and no one noticed. Then suddenly the US President stood up. And there was a paper in his hand and he said “Hi India”. I said that why did he say this? Then the US President showed the paper to everyone and I became surprised on seeing that paper. There was a map of Pakistan and India on it of the same color. And then US President said that now Pakistan will be controlled by India. And he signed the map and laughed loudly. And showed the map after signing it. And kept on laughing that now India will control Pakistan. Upon seeing this, I held my head in shock and said “oh no”. I realized he said hail india instead of hi india. I couldn’t believe his plans, and went back running. I told the people of Pakistan that the president of USA has made a plan for Pakistan after Palestine. Get up and save this country. They said that Qasim such plans have been made against Pakistan before but nothing happened and Pakistan is still here. And our army is very strong too and no one can dare to even consider challenging Pakistan. And we have defeated India many times before too. I said that yes. But we shouldn’t underestimate the oppressive forces. And this time India has other forces too. Don’t you all remember that Muslims thought the same in the battle of Uhud. That they initially thought they had won the battle and suddenly they were caught off guard. The tables were turned and Muslims suffered heavy losses. we shouldn’t underestimate our enemy and as they are planning we should plan to save our country too. Then I went another way. On the way I saw some birds flying in the sky. I said that what kind of birds are these? When I looked closely. Then those weren’t birds but the planes of some forces flying at a very high altitude. I became worried on seeing unrecognized planes flying in the airspace of Pakistan. Then I went to some huge building and met some people there. And told them and they too said that Pakistan’s army will take care of it. Don’t worry, I said that how much work will Pakistan’s army do? Are they responsible for everything? And you people aren’t responsible for anything. I said the army is doing everything that it can. But due to the lack of funds they are not able to defend every where. leaving many places vulnerable. And Pakistan is losing money too. The army can’t fight without the funds. Then I walked away from there and came home and started to think that all these people are sleeping. How can their plan be stopped from being completed? And the dream ended.