Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

[FEB 2018]

Muhammad Qasim say, Today i saw a dream we are living in a house. This house i saw many times in my dreams. It was damaged a lot. And many people where repairing it. I was inside of the home doing some work. After finishing the work i said. “I have to see the other people, and the work they have done.” They are working but i could not meet with them due to my own work. Then i went out side and i saw these people painting the home. After repairing walls and other things on the outside. They didn’t come inside yet because they are busy on the outside. I went to the door and i saw people from door. And they are busy with their work, i saw their work through the door space. And i said there is a lot of work still left. They will finish the outside first then they will go inside. And it might take some time. When i went out side they see me and become happy to see me there. I start handshaking with them. And i told them i was busy with my own important work and i just got time to see you. They said no worry we are also working here. Then we start talking about our work and the dream ended there.