Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As-Salaam Alaikum

I’ve seen dreams about Yajuj & Majuj. And I’m going to share these dreams. Yajuj & Majuj are of two colors which are black and white. Both are the same and the only difference is their color. Yajuj & Majuj are like a different type of big gorillas. When they start coming out then they never stop. And they have a unique type of anger inside them for humans. Because of humans they were in prison for centuries. And they take revenge for this from humans. Yajuj & Majuj live in a very huge hole in the earth. And the way to the hole is trough a very large cave. look at this picture. This is just an example. It’s a very large cave. And Inside is a Long Way that leads into the Earth. This one is smaller as compared to the cave. Yajuj & Majuj can easily come and go from the cave. Via this path. The roof of the hole was very high. And Yajuj & Majuj are unable to climb it. And in the roof are small holes. From where they get light and air. When Yajuj & Majuj are in the hole. They have no idea what is going on in the cave or in the way leading to the cave. When Yajuj & Majuj come out. They spread mischief and after spreading mischief they go back into the hole. And they live in the hole 4 to 6 months. And they don’t come out And this is the Time when Zulqurnain (Alahihisalam/peace be with him) builds a wall on the opening of The Cave. Zulqurnain (Alahihisalam) first blocks the inner way to the cave. And when the inner way is blocked then Yajuj & Majuj are trapped. And then zulkarnain (Alaihisalam) builds a strong metal wall on the opening of the cave. And it takes 6 years to build this wall. A few weeks before Yajuj & Majuj come out. The worst war of humanity takes place with Dajjal. And almost all the ammo was finished in that war. And When Yajuj & Majuj come out. Then they have no heavy weapon to fight Yajuj & Majuj. In the dream I go to fight with a powerful strong headed person. And before going I boarded my family and some other people in an advanced type of train. And I tell them to wait for me here. When I come back then we will leave this place forever and go join Isa (Jesus Alaihisalam) When I kill that powerful strong headed person with the help of Allah. Then I hear the voice of Muhammad ﷺ. saying “Qasim Yajuj & Majuj have come out get to your home fast.” I get to my home fast. when I reach there everything was fine. I tell the people that “you all sit with caution”. And that “Yajuj & Majuj have come out”. “And they can attack our train”. I started the train and get up on the roof of the train. So that if Yajuj & Majuj would attack. Then i will kill them with the Nur (light) of Allah. The Nur of Allah then appeared on my finger. And on the way four or five white colored Yajuj & Majuj attacked our train. And when I see them it seems like they are coming down from the sky. They attack with a terrifying scream and a lot of speed. But when i throw the Nur of Allah on them they die in the air. In one dream I see that Yajuj & Majuj run fast and they make small jumps. And then they make a big jump and they go very high in the air. And then they attack on coming down so that no one is able to defend himself. The best way to kill Yajuj & Majuj which I have understood is to kill them while they are in the air. Since their movement speed is very fast. And their body is very strong and they have a lot of power in their arms and legs. On the way I saw a few people and I stopped there to board them on the train. And the people who were with me told me not to stop as it can be dangerous. But I said that perhaps I will be able to save a few more people. And just as I stop the train black-colored Yajuj & Majuj attacked. And since it was night, I could not see them clearly either. But I kill them all with the Nur of Allah. And the people who were with me were saved with the mercy of Allah. And there was no damage to the train. But those people where killed for whom i stopped for. And people said that Qasim you will get us killed while saving a few people. And I said that you are right we shouldn’t take the risk. And then we did not stop anywhere. And with the mercy of Allah we reached Isa (Alaihisalam) at fajr (dawn) time. Isa (Alaihisalam) came to earth just a few moments before we reached him. And then we started to live with Isa. (Alaihisalam) I’ve never seen in my dreams what Yajuj & Majuj eat. And how they are alive in the hole for so many years. Or how many are they and who kills them all. but I’ve seen that Yajuj & Majuj destroy the entire world and only a few people were left. Allah knows best. I request you all to share the dreams and visit my FB page and YouTube channel for more details.

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